Food Delivery
Food Delivery 2
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 Hire of Green Room  15.00 per session
 Hire of Main Hall  10.00 per hour
 Prize Bingo  40.00 per Bingo
 Any Celebration Party -
 the cost of any damage will be  recovered
 Dance Clubs  25.00
 Commercial Sales
 All items to be cleared on the day  - 10 per hour thereafter
 Christmas Fairs  50.00 
 Use of Car Park without Hall  30.00
 Stage Shows - Performance  40.00
 Stage Shows - Full Rehearsal  40.00
 Stage Shows - Sundays  32.00

The Booking Secretary can be contacted on any day
(except Sunday) - 07882 118 179 -
and will price any event not listed.
At the direction of the Booking Secretary a cancellation fee
of 75% of the booking fee may be raised.
Charges agreed at the March 2016 Meeting of the
Fraddon Village Hall Management Committee
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